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Welcome To EBREO

The Egyptian British Research and Education Organisation (EBREO) was founded
in 2010. EBREO is the first UK-registered organisation for UK-based Egyptian academics / researchers that promotes knowledge exchange and networking.

Our Mission

EBREO is an independent, non-political, non-religious and not for profit
organisation with the primary goal of building an educational and research
community for Egyptians living in the UK. We are inspired by the legacy
of our ancient Egyptian civilization, which continues to startle the world.

EBREO’s main objective is to provide a link between UK-based Egyptian
academics / researchers and academics / researchers in Egypt.

Our Vision

To provide educational and research opportunities to support building the
capabilities of Egyptian Academics based in Egypt.   

To enable and encourage EBREO members to develop their full potential, to
become productive members of their respective academic fields and contribute to
the achievement of the EBREO's mission.

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